Minecraft and mental rotation: Part VII

Last week I diverted my attention to my thesis proposal defense. I made several drastic changes to my presentation after the dry-run I had in another class. It’s been about three weeks since I’ve last touched Minecraft.

Continuing my solution towards getting partial control Minecraft to work (PCM), I decided to work in my test scene. I usually start by creating a small case and then expanding the case, taking notes as I made progress. Based on my pseudocode last week, I had about two parts:

  1. The buttons below the surface that would do all the volume cloning
  2. The button on the surface controlling a redstone block to trigger the commands below the surface

I got to work and quickly became disoriented. I was trying to copy area from area and realized I needed to quickly build an entire structure that the choices would intersect. At this point I jumped between Minecraft and the Minecraft editor.

I ran into a problem of saving the area of the original structure each time I wanted to switch to the next choice. I decided to have a command chain that would clone the areas of the original structure that would be replaced at the beginning of the entire procedure. After several hours, I managed to get the switching to work.

Switching preview

Structure Coordinates

Next was to make the buttons on the surface trigger the commands. My thought was that I could move the redstone block three spaces in a certain direction. I thought that this was the easiest part but I was quick to realize I was very, very wrong. There is no “move” command in Minecraft. There were several things I tried in order to get the commands to “loop” upon button press:

  • Piston system of rotating the blocks where there was a pattern of redstone in it — Having a redstone in front of the piston confuses the piston
  • I tried putting a redstone block on top of stone and have the piston rotate block underneath — Piston do not move child blocks as I also tried this with a redstone torch attached (learned that this was a suggestion here)
  • Cauldron that has 3 states — My thought with this one was to have the button on the surface increment the cauldron level, but then I ran into a problem of even achieving that and then resetting it to 0 (which is basically my initial problem)
  • Rail that moved a minecart with a command block inside of it — I had issues with it started after stopping
    I started looking into having a clock system but became overwhelmed to the point where I wasn’t sure if that was overcomplicating the problem.

After I got stuck, I spent a lot of time seeing if any other Minecrafter attempted something similar of if there were other systems I did not know about. As break, I played with some TNT as per suggestion by my advisor.

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