Minecraft and mental rotation: Part VIII

During our weekly meetings, my advisor and I ran through potential solutions for getting the interface to work. This past week was implementing a hybrid between both of our ideas. Basically, the buttons places and then destroys a redstone block which triggers a testforblock command at the beginning of each chain. The testforblock command checks for the placement of wool next to the structures. The presence of wool means that the structure is the “active” structure. The end of the command chains moves the wool to the next space.

After I solved that problem, I needed to begin implementing this. However, I can’t implement the system if I don’t have the structures. Here are some drafts of the structures.

Structure Design

While designing, I realized I should probably reference the size of the tower in the map for the quest. While looking at the size of the tower, I decided to clean up the map since I didn’t provide enough space for the river and moat.

More space in Minecraft

For next week, since I have all the templates I need, I’ll be working on the implementation of the quest again.

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