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Play as Prince Massa as he journeys through the Candy Kingdom to clear his name and restore his rightful place as king by defeating the rebelling five nations!

This project was completed in 10 weeks for Game Workshop I at Drexel University. As producer, I led a production team was composed of a total of 9 students from three different majors. In addition to management, I mentored my team members on proper art asset creation techniques and helped model the main character and objects within the environment.

Note: You will need to install the Unity Web Player in order to play the game.

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The Unseen

The Unseen is a sci-fi first-person horror game that incorporates stealth, puzzle-solving, and exploration in a realistic and immersive 3D environment. Set aboard a research station in deep space, you must survive against an unknown enemy as you try to find a way off the station. Your only tool is the portable energy generator "PEG" which can make a bright orb of energy that can be launched into the environment for a short time. You must make use of the PEG to solve puzzles, distract the creature, and illuminate your surroundings.

This project was completed in 10 weeks for Game Workshop II at Drexel University. As producer, I organized 28 students across three different majors after inheriting the project from the previous development team. I primarily oversaw the aesthetics of the game while working closely with the programmers from the original team. In addition to providing routine, immediate feedback for the art team, I demonstrated modeling techniques to students unfamiliar to producing assets for video games.