Anna Nguyen

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Assistant Producer with a technical background in creating digital experiences. Experience with using SCRUM on multi-disciplinary teams, large and small. Looking to work for digital media agencies exploring the boundaries of play.

Work Experience

Assistant Producer /  NetherRealm Studios / 10.2016 – PRESENT

Manage day-to-day operations for localization, business intelligence/analytics, and audio

  • Establish business intelligence development pipeline using SCRUM principles to expedite reviewing, reconstructing, and instrumenting 10+ existing and 5+ new schemas
  • Assist in communicating the effect of bottlenecks from other disciplines to production by surveying key data points for Sound Department and assembling scripts to automate charts
  • Minimize complications in localization effort by analyzing the impact of game features on translations and negotiating JIRA issues reported by the vendor
Research Project Manager / Drexel University Digital Media Department / 6.2015 –11.2016

Led 5 students to develop two 2D serious games in Unity3D

  • Met research objectives by forming the end user experience and critiquing game design decisions
  • Conducted active studies and playtest sessions on 30+ volunteers through project lifespan by planning sprints and weekly meetings to prioritize core game features
  • Created and revised 2 research protocols, involving 10+ documents, for human subjects by collaborating with primary investigator and Drexel University Internal Review Board
Web Designer / Drexel University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department / 5.2014 – 6.2016
  • Increased department activity on social media and monitors by designing and publishing digital marketing materials, such as digital signs, e-newsletters, etc.
  • Improved usability of 4 websites by employing usability testing methods, such as card sort, heuristic evaluation, and surveys, to restructure information architectures
  • Assessed existing news value to suggest and execute additional digital media-based projects
Producer / Drexel University Digital Media Department / 3.2014 – 11.2014

Managed 6 students to develop a 3D medical simulation in Unity 3D

  • Organized project development around addressing client feedback on major milestones
  • Communicated project status to client by providing weekly playable demos to explain working features
  • Tracked completion of product backlog by facilitating regular communication between team members

Project Experience

Producer / Gygan Reign / 3.2014 – Present

Presented at Intel University Games Showcase in March 2015
Worked with 11 students to develop a 3D real-time strategy game in Unity3D

  • Direct development from idea to live product in 6 months by collaborating with team, creating product backlog, and managing the Scrum task board
  • Establish and improve production pipeline to reduce slack time by modifying development models to complement team composition
  • Propose project schedules for the development team, including milestones and deliverables
Master of Science Thesis Work / The Impact of Spatial Involvement on Training Mental Rotation with Minecraft / 6.2015 – 6.2016

Presented at CHI 2016 Late-Breaking Work and CHIPLAY 2016 Late-Breaking Work venues

  • Designed and implemented 3 test conditions in Minecraft by using the built-in Java-based modification capabilities
  • Compared study design rationale and approaches for past game-based training regimens by cataloging 20+ articles from Drexel University databases
  • Analyzed quantitative data collected from study sessions using statistical mean
Producer / Morpheus / 1.2015 – 6.2015

Led 5 students to develop 3D puzzle game in Unity3D

  • Facilitated discussions about design and development by focusing agenda on core game mechanics
  • Led development towards creating two versions for A/B testing by identifying problems with usability
  • Informed team of changes in development during weekly meetings by updating design documents with art, design, and programming decisions
Producer / The Unseen / 1.2014 – 3.2014

Presented at Intel University Games Showcase in March 2014
Led 30 students to develop a 3D first-person sci-fi horror game in Unity3D

  • Monitored slack time and halts in 300+ tasks by reviewing Gantt chart
  • Collaborated with art lead by assisting with defining aesthetic for 3 levels, reviewing 100+ assets, and teaching techniques
  • Formulated playtest session goals and scripts with game designers by relaying information about completed features


Drexel University

MS Digital Media / 2015-2016
BS Game Art & Production / Psychology Minor / 2011-2015

Technical Skills

Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, AfterEffects, Flash
Autodesk Maya, Mudbox
Game Engines Unity3D, Game Maker
Other Software JIRA, Confluence, Trello, Slack, Modo, Perforce, Git
Programming Languages HTML5, CSS3, Visual Basic, C++, Java, Python
Project Management SCRUM, Kanban, Waterfall Model, Gantt Charts, Game Development & Documentation

Awards and Activities

Intel University Games Showcase, Annual Participant, 2014-2015
ACM SIGGRAPH Drexel Student Chapter, Member, 2012 – 2015
Drexel Game Developer’s Group, Member, 2011 – 2013
ESA Video and Computer Game Scholarship, Annual Recipient, Fall 2011 – Fall 2014
Drexel University Dean’s List, Quarterly Recipient, Fall 2011 – Spring 2015
Philly Game Jam, Participant, Nov. 2013